S V MARKETING offer the Garden hose tubes produced from the best quality PVC compound and are noted for exception clarity and flexibility. Due to unique chemical and physical properties, the tube is ideally suited to unlimited applications in a wide range of industries where low pressure work is required for conveyance of water, gardening and other everyday application.

These flexible PVC tube is light weight, corrosion and abrasion resistant and being transparent ensures that blockages are located easily. The chemical resistance of AJAY tube is excellent being highly resistant to most acids and alkalis.

The flexible co-extruded hoses for domestic applications. They are available in many sizes. Typical Sizes: ½ inch, 5/8 inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1 ¼ inch. The hoses are flexible co-extruded nylon reinforced hoses.

The PVC braided hoses provided by S V MARKETING has a superior quality netting between the inner and outer layers in order to ensure high strength and durability. Available in different sizes and colors, our pvc braided hoses find usage in various domestic and industrial applications. Designed in adherence to both domestic and international quality standards, our PVC braided hoses are offered at genuine prices.

Breaded Hose

Suction Hose

S V MARKETING has heavy duty suction hose to wide application including construction dewatering, liquid waste, cesspool cleaning, septic handling, agricultural and marine use. These hoses feature light weight and flexible external helix for easy drag. The pipe is completely resistant to agricultural chemicals. Available in different colors for easy identification.


Sanitations, Agriculture, Gardening, normal irrigation, selected chemicals plants, Coal Mining, to drain out flooded water etc.