UPVC Pipes and Fittings

Free Flow UPVC Plumbing Pipes(ASTM)

UPVC Plumbing Pipes are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants using the highest grade quality resin which ensures the fulfillment of the basic need for clean and hygienic water. These pipes are manufactured as per ASTM D 1785 standard in schedule 40 & 80 pressure class.

upvc pipes


  • Stronger, resilient & longer lasting
  • Light Weight: Easy to transport and install
  • Easy Installation: Solvent Cement joints or Secured threads ensure leak proof joints
  • Optimum flow rates and low frictional loses
  • Excellent chemical & corrosion resistance
  • Low Maintenance: Superior resistance to most of the chemicals & free from rusting, pitting, scaling and corrosion making the system almost maintenance free.
  • Long lasting: hence saves replacement cost

Upvc pipes

upvc pipes

We Offer Upvc Plumbing Pipes Various Sizes, Ranging from 21mm to 50mm Which is Widely Used for Sanitation Purposes in Building. It is Extensively Known for Its Features like Rust Proof and Safe Usage from Health Point of View. Also, They are Light Weight, Chemically Resistant, Non-corrosive, and Quite Easy in Making Connections and Therefore Becomes the Most Favored Choice of Households. Its Properties Include Temperature 60 Oc (continuously) and 90 Oc (for Short Time).Upvc Plumbing Pipes Transports Water to Different Parts of the Homes, Solar Water Heaters and Disposes of the Wastes in the Form of Sewage and Allow Expelling of Sewage Gases to the Outdoors.


Light Weight & Maintenance Freeweather& Impact Resistantdurable, Rough, Robustquick and Easy Jointingmoisture-proofnon-toxicwear and Abrasion Resistantcorrosion-resistantlesser Frictional Loss


portable Water Supply in Individual Homes, Offices, Hotels, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals and Transport Terminalsbuilding Construction in Water Connections to Bathrooms, Kitchen Sinks Washbasins and Laboratories industrial Applications in Distribution of Milk, Chemicals and Gases in Dairies, Plants and Industrial Estates, in Agriculture, Telecommunication, Irrigation Projects Etc.